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Warrenstreet Media Group brings the talents of an experienced graphic designer and photographer, Bob Ponkos together with Keith Bendis, an illustrator with decades of published work, to offer a unique blend of services.  

My career in advertising and design began in 1973 in the New York Metro area. After majoring in fine arts in college, I wanted to use my design and photography training and skills in this field. During this time, I was able to learn the fine points of the printing industry. My early experience with clients such as Revlon, Max Factor, Johnson and Johnson, and Roche Pharmaceuticals showed me what is expected in the world of top quality printing and design. More importantly, I learned how to produce it. I also continued creating fine art and in 1986 opened Pumpkin Center Gallery in Ancram, New York. This gallery showcased local and New York artists' work as well as work of my own. At this time, I also began my career as a freelance graphic designer .

In 1999, together with two associates, I started www.warrenstreet.com, a web site designed to promote Hudson, New York, in a artistically sophisticated way that reflected what was evolving in that community.

In 2001, I renovated a building in Hudson, New York. I moved my design business there and adopted the name Warrenstreet Media group. I opened another gallery, The Leader Building Gallery in the renovated building.

Today I have a studio at my home in Ancram and continue to offer design, consulting and photography services to various clients. With the growth of the web and my understanding of the importance of a well designed page, I now have added web site design and development to my list of services.

Bob Ponkos    
Keith Bendis and Graphic Recording...Making Ideas Visual!


Graphic recording - sometimes called 'graphic facilitation' or 'scribing' is an innovative, exciting tool that an ever-increasing number of businesses and organizations are using to enhance meetings, conferences, strategy sessions and presentations. During the meeting the Graphic Recorder creates a real-time visual record of the proceedings, capturing the main themes, concepts and ideas, with images and text.  


Participants immediately “get it” as they see ideas captured in front of their eyes. Making ideas visual helps focus and engage the groups as they work. It encourages participation and retention, as participants see their thoughts and ideas mapped out in a continually-expanding graphic representation of the proceedings. 


I work on large 30” x 40” presentation boards using markers and pastels.  As each board is completed it is displayed so the participants can see and refer to the information, as the meeting continues. Afterwards I photograph the graphic record of your meeting, and create a Power Point presentation that can be posted on your website and sent to participants.

Keith Bendis    
Keith has been a freelance cartoonist/illustrator for 25 years. His work has appeared in America's leading magazines and newspapers including: Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, The New York Times, The Daily News and many others. He has illustrated 8 books including the best selling Casey at the Bat for Workman Publishers. He has also had 9 one person exhibits of his work including his drawings, Not Your Mother's Goose at the Children's Museum of Manhattan in 2003.

Partial lists of clients:   
Time Inc.
Campbell’s Soup Co,
Johnson and Johnson
Pitney Bowes
Phillip Morris
Milken Institute
The Conference Board
The Harvard Review
Glaxo/Smith Klein
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Warrenstreet Media Group - 1195 County Route Seven - Ancram, New York 12502. Telephones: land 518.329.2031, cell 518-929-2253